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Fortaleza is unique with 24 km of the finest sandy beach and barracas to dine.

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Dating agency Fortaleza provides attractive and educated women from Fortaleza with academics and singles of high quality in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe.

Fortaleza is the 5th largest city in Brazil with 2,7 million inhabitants. Fortaleza is known for its beautiful beaches, the red cliffs and the numerous dunes. A paradise for locals and tourists. Particularly noteworthy is the Praia do Futuro beach. Infinitely long for walks and bike rides. Numerous barracks (catering facilities) invite you to stop off directly on the beach.

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Praia do Futuro - Beach of the future, it is 25 kilometers from the coast of the capital of the state of Cereas. This unique beach along the promenade is clean and beautiful. Barracks with fresh water showers and beach chairs offer regional delicacies. The most famous are Chico do Caranguejo, which are frequented by crustacean lovers. Guarderia Brasil, which unites the youth group. Itapariká, popular with families with children. Cabumba, point GLS and Crocobeach with swimming pool, sauna, internet cafe and beauty salon!

Numerous first-class dining restaurants line the unique Praia do Futuro beach.

Praia do Futuro has soft and clear sandy beaches. Strong waves and dunes complete the picture. Especially on Thursday evenings it is the stage for forró and humor shows as well as parties. Praia do Futuro is 11 kilometers from the center.

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If you want to travel to Fortaleza after the pandemic and know an attractive Brazilian woman and want to spend a beach vacation with her, Amorbrazil will organize the mediation and TravelBrasil will organize your trip and book the flight and a 4-star hotel on the super beach Praia do Futuro.

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